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How to Engage on Social Media

Updated: May 2

Have you ever posted on social media and you were so, so excited.."oh they will love this one!" only to get a few comments and meager engagement? The algorithm is a strange and finicky creature, and as they keep changing the rules of the game, you also have to change the way you connect with your audience.

Photos or still image posts get the least amount of views. Unless it is relatable, has words that inspire or make us laugh, catch our attention in ways that are surprising to us, or are already of actual interest...they must be amazing! You have to post your brand via life stories- "how does this look as my customer sees it?" and "if I were interested in a product or service, would I engage in my own post?". Try to take images with depth and are aesthetically pleasing. Remember to view them in different angles, perspective, and good lighting! Stage it and keep it simple.

Videos or Reels are what most social media is ALL about these days. And now Threads? It's always something new! But to keep the viewers intrigued, create your story around everyday life, how would people use your product? How would they like it as a part of their own story? How does your service create value authentically for your customer? Be vulnerable in your content- speak your truth and remember to let them know why you believe in it. Add music that isn't distracting or over stimulating to people with anxiety or stress. Use both life and nature shots, so you can remind your customer that you aren't just here to sell them something, but to help them in some way. Listen to your customer...ask them with polls what they WANT to see more of. Quick tips, straight talk, how to..DIY...facts, soothing wisdom...however it relates to your brand.

Your to it OFTEN- this is where most viewers live. Engage in questions, polls, locations, tags, network with other community business or places you support, link your website, link your blog, link it all! Create an interactive tribe that follows you because you actually become a little online family, supporting your cause and spreading that good juju to your customer base.

LIVE...oooo so scary! Lives can be super fun when you don't put any pressure on yourself or the outcome. Plan a day and time consistently, where you go live so your followers know it's a comin'! Remember to make it interactive, show faces, talk, be real, don't be overly sales minded, just inspiring- helpful, funny, fun, Or..serious, empathetic, vulnerable, kind, caring...whatever you and your brand represent, do it well and make some friends. People follow other people because they feel connected- and they will use your brand even more, if there is a soul behind it!

Wrap up...Know that this is a constant and evolving platform- with new things offered and changed all the time. It is OK to not get it perfect, or be viral or super on-trend. Sometimes those things are just cats flying with rainbows - for hours - so don't try to guess or put out what you THINK people will respond to- just put content out that is close to your heart and makes you happy! People will feel your genuine energy and respond. YOUR people. And theirs plenty of them out there. So go get em Tiger!

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