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Do you choose a wine from the label?!

Many people go to branding for their desires..think about all the products you choose based on the fun packaging, the label, the bright and shiny words that promise you miracles and deliciousness...hmmm, but is that the best way?

I have been a wine label maker for a long, long time- and I can tell you is important to spend some time on your look. Whether that is your website {think of passing by a store and looking in the window...that's your website online}, or your labels, your catalog, your online presence, your logo, your consistency and simplicity!

Lots of buyers want something REAL, they want what you advertise, not the flashy promises that are half lies, they want to hear your story, they want to know the emotional connection to the product, or your passion-belief-happy behind whatever you are selling.

Wine makers should never make a label from I have seen it, or skimp on the quality of a bottle, or the cork branding, or the story behind your grapes...true wine lovers dig that stuff. Just like any other loyal customer that will come back to you..a first impression is important. Let your branding soar, and make it unique, a bit of who you are and people will be drawn to it. There's BILLIONS of ads, stuff, products, services out you and your people will come to you.

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