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Chakra Cleansing - cord cutting - card readings - consulting

Energy work has been healing for thousands of years.  It is highly sought after by celebrities, athletes, businesses, therapists, healers and people of all careers and walks of life.  It helps you navigate the negative energy that gets trapped in your organs, your bones, joints, mind and causes pain, illnesses, confusion, broken relationships and karmic loops you keep repeating. 


It can help release these dark masses, bring you into a lighter and healthier state of body and soul, while giving you guidance and grounding so that you can move forward in confidence.



Body work that includes an energetic cleansing from childhood, past life and present trauma, to help you navigate your life, your career and become your one true self.  Cleansing the Chakras includes crystals, smudging, sound healing, reiki energy work, singing bowls and ancestral clearing.

2 Hours - Healing Work



Body work that cuts energetic negative cords that drain your life force, your happiness, bring you dark thoughts, pull you down and create chaos in your body and mind.  You will also get a lesson each time in how to eventually do it on yourself.

30 minutes - Cleansing

Luxury Spa
Tarot Card Deck


ORACLE or tarot card reading

This intuitive practice calls on your spirit guides, angels and ancestors to choose cards for you based on your question, to help you understand the healing message and guidance you seek.  Drawn by Kat, experienced reader for 15 years, psychic medium, celtic druid and reiki healer.

1 Hour - Consulting



Which way to go?  What is the next move? Consulting through 20 years of business experience, 3 years of subscription box business, marketing, sales and managing help you find the path for success and joy.

30 minutes - Free

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